Team FlexPro – RC Helicopter Flying Team

Nathan Mallory – Latest Team FlexPro Ace

Nathan Mallory with his Birds
Nathan Mallory with his Birds

The second Ace to grace Team FlexPro is quite the young man who just turned nine years old; Nathan Mallory. Though flying seriously for only seven months, he has not only impressed and won over Team FlexPro leader Sean Whitney; but the grizzled sceptics that run FlexPro.

At ease with either planes or heli, Nathan is making an aggressive study of the Align 500. Perhaps the only thing stranger than watching such a young talent literally tear a hole in the sky; is to see us older men (we are being so generous with that term) acting like so many vulture’s staring in row, as we ogle his skill and speed. It’s eerie… but it’s almost like he doesn’t ever, ever crash….

In a bow to Admiral Rickover, who said, “Get ’em Young, and Train ‘em Right”, Nathan started simulator work before flying; beginning with Real Flight 4.0, before switching to Phoenix just a few months ago. Just before Christmas of last year Nathan started out flying an Air Havoc, but then quickly progressed to an E-Flite CX2.

Nathan Mallory with his StrykerBy the time of the Brooks, Oregon Flyin in May, Nathan was flying an E-Flite Blade 400 3D. A month later he had buddy boxed a 600 nitro with Kenny McDonald and Shawn Whitney. Oh… for those of us who have had a tendency to get complicant about watching his stunning aerial stunts when he flys the Align 500… keep in mind he’s only been flying this bird for about a month!

This will be a young man to watch .

Sean Whitney – Team FlexPro Ace Leader

The Leader!
The Leader!

Burning a hole in the sky with his hair on fire is routine for Team FlexPro Pilot Sean Whitney.   At 46 Sean already has a history of fast cars, fast boats and fast helis.  It would be ungentlemenly to attribute similar words to his lady fair and better half, Jessica…. but lets just say she sizzles.

No one flys faster, lower and harder than Sean.  His orders as Team FlexPro Pilot can be summed up in the one phrase you hear shouted out whenever Sean is flying; “Lower!”… “Lower!”… “Lower”

Making rapid advances over the last two years into Pro caliber, (see the editor of review of best RC Helicopters and Sean) Sean’s flying has been admired by visiting pro’s at events throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Sean’s fast crack rolls, vertical near slams into the ground, and his high speed super low, low passes that bring up grass clipping, strawberry leaves and the occasional Oregon banana slug are just too cool!

FlexPro will provide continous photographs and video on our website to highlight this young man’s extraordinary flying skills.

RC Helicopter Landing Gear for New Pilots

FlexPro’s Heavy Duty Crash Resistant Landing Gear for 400-450 Class Helis

black-landinggear-latest-medium-300x193FlexPro Heavy Duty Crash Resistant Landing Gear is unlike any other on the market today. FlexPro landing gear is unique in their ability to flex down during very hard landings without breaking, or causing the heli to bounce up, or tip over causing damage.

Other landing gear either break, or bounce causing the heli to tilt on it’s side with rotor and feather damage – or by bouncing up so strongly as to flip over onto the helicopter’s mast with even further damage.

The landing gear are weather resistant, and able to withstand hot and freezing temperatures.


FlexPro’s landing gear is ideal for the beginning to moderate level pilot who is still mastering landings, and wishes to minimize the expenses and downtime of repairs.  The landing gear fit all Align 450 and E-Flite 400 3D helis, and also fit many other 400-450 class rotor craft.

The landing gear come in seven different colors; black, blue, green,  purple, red, yellow and white.

The graphic below illustrates the advantages and components of the heavy duty landing gear, and please read the highly favorable rating of the product from TRex Tuning.

RC Helicopter Landing Gear for Advanced Pilots

FlexPro’s  Pro Landing Gear for 400-450 Class Helis

400-450-pro-gear-blue-300x115FlexPro has produced a new variant of it’s existing 400/450 class landing gear for advanced and expert fliers.

Listening to it’s more experienced rc heli customers, FlexPro has produced a landing gear for advanced to expert pilots who no longer feel the need for protection from heavy or ‘hot’ landings.

While retaining all the strengths of the existing heavy duty, crash resistant landing gear that fits T-Rex 450′s, E-Flite Blade 400 3D’s and most other 450/400 heli’s; the new landing gear has reduced the diameter of the landing struts by half, and doubled the wall thickness.

The result is a slimmed down, sleek look that retains many of the strengths and durability of the original landing gear.

Like the original FlexPro Training-style landing gear, the new 450/400 Pro’s are available in eight colors; black, blue, green, nuclear red, yellow, neon yellow, purple and white.